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The Rare Earth Comics titles run the gamut from Teen Superhero adventures, Steampunk on the High Seas and even Punk Rock Fantasy Adventure.

You can purchase our print comics or digital versions through our store.

You can also read our webcomics for free by following their links

Doctor Atlantis

Doctor Atlantis

In this 5 volume comic epic, Captain Julius Fowler sets off to explore the endless seas, encountering new friends and many dangers along the way.


Falling Awake

Two girls from literally different worlds, a modern small town and a realm of fantasy, discover they're connected by dreams.

Heretic Hex vol 1 cover_thumbnail.jpg

Heretic Hex

An action packed  adventure blending Punk Rock rebellion with High Fantasy Magic.

dungeon minis avatar.png

The struggles of a Game Master trying to run a serious tabletop RPG with not-so-serious players.


Shadow Tracers

A coming of age tale of teen superheroes.

jr banner art.jpg

A group of teens set out on a strange adventure that takes them whole new worlds above the clouds.

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